About me

My Judging ˃
I have loved all living creatures all my life. Since the early childhood I have been interested in dogs’ ethology, their training and breeding.
I grew up with a Dalmatian, a Belgian Shepherd cross-breed, Slovakian Chuvach and an Alsatian. They formed my thinking and taught
me to love all beings, the art of co-operation and love for Nature. I love Eberhard Trumler’s books and I have read them many times.
I appreciate his knowledge and recommend his work. Being influenced by all that, it was logical that I have established a kennel in 1998.
 "ANUNNAKI" (a Sumerian word meaning "those coming from the sky")

My desire not only to own but also to create has propelled my decision.
It might be a pure
chance but my name - Šárka means a mountain ridge.
relation to the Ridgeback might be a chance as well as destiny.

Asílie has been our first Ridgeback. She gave me two litters that would never set a record in the number
pups but I appreciate that our pups are healthy with well balanced characters.
Excellent show results
achieved by some of them are just the icing on the cake.

Bhubezi remained with us from the second litter.  A few years later I also retained Cachette from Bhubezi's first litter,
and Divine from her second litter. Both bitches came from interesting matings, and were great dogs with excellent temperaments.  
Unfortunately however, Divine was later shot with crossbow by an unknown offender in the forest.  Cachette subsequently passed away unexpectedly,
along with her brilliant daughter Fleur.  Veterinary health tests of Chachette's other daughter Estelle,
did not meet my requirements which is why there are no offspring after this beautiful female.

This situation has shown me the dark side of breeding and living with dogs, as up until this point I had only learned from other breeders.

In 2013, I imported my first male Rhodesian Ridgeback from Karin Fürst's kennel in Sweden.  The dog was named
Kadamo It's Now or Never - "Elvis"

and is the youngest member of our pack. My plan for the future is to keep his daughter at our home and use her for future breeding.


I also attend to work in the Czech Rhodesian Ridgebacks Breeding Club (KCHRR) as a main breeding adviser.
You can check out more information about our kennel club at

I also became a national judge (breed specialist) after successfully passing the exams in 2012.